Adoption/Reproductive Law


Starting a family is a dream for many people. While some people are able to use natural childbirth to begin the process, this option is not ideal or feasible for everyone. At the Law Offices of Christine J. Klein, we help people throughout New York and Northern New Jersey start their families. Let us help your dream of a family become a reality. To schedule an appointment with an experienced adoption and reproductive law attorney, contact our firm online or call 914-449-6749.


At the Law Offices of Christine J. Klein, we represent clients in all types of adoption, including second-parent adoption, step-parent adoption, foster care adoption, private placement and international adoption. Our attorney works closely with clients throughout the process, helping ensure that you are recognized as the legal parent of your adopted child.

We know the adoption process can be complicated and frustrating, and we are committed to helping you understand all your options every step of the way. Adopting a child should be one of the most exciting times of your life, so we keep you up-to-date and involved with the developments of your case.

Reproductive Law

Advances in modern medicine have made having a family a reality for many who never before thought it a possibility. Whether you are a couple with fertility problems, a same-sex couple or a single person, surrogacy, egg donations and sperm donations can often make having a family possible.

At the Law Offices of Christine J. Klein, we represent intended parents, donors and surrogates. We can help prepare surrogacy contracts, review insurance coverage issues and more. Schedule an appointment and we can talk about the legal practicalities necessary to help you start your special family.