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Personal Injury

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Westchester County Divorce Lawyer

Meeting the Needs of Modern Families

At the Law Offices of Christine J. Klein, P.C., we know that offering good counsel means giving you more than just sound legal advice. We care about your well-being and the best solutions for your family, not just about getting quick legal results. Westchester County divorce lawyer Christine Klein works collaboratively with you to give you information you need to make informed decisions about your case and your life.

Our firm strives to serve the legal needs of today's modern family. Whether your family is traditional, blended or one of today's many alternatives, we are here to protect your family and your assets. We work closely with our clients, who include single parents, blended families, couples, individuals and members of the LGBT community. The legal protections required to safeguard your family and estate can be complicated. We help secure the rights of every type of family.

Striking a Balance in Family Law

As a Westchester County divorce attorney, Christine Klein follows the "plan for peace while preparing for war" theory when working on cases. At our law firm, we believe it is generally in our clients' best interest to resolve their divorce, child custody and other associated family law matters in the most peaceful manner possible. But we also recognize that it is not in your best interest to lie down and accept every offer in the name of peace. Knowing when to fight and when to agree is a critical part of reaching the best result for you and your family.

To strike a balance, the Law Offices of Christine J. Klein, P.C., works with you to help you achieve your legal goals. We are committed to providing high-quality representation to every client we serve. We'll make sure you have and understand the information you need to make decisions that affect your life. Attorney Christine Klein will be in your corner, fighting for your rights and what is best for your family.

Representing You in LGBT Law Cases

We take pride in our particular ability to serve the LGBT community, by striving to meet the needs of modern gay families and individuals. We know that when you refer to your partner, you don't mean a business associate, and we know the prejudice and challenges you've faced. In 2011, we saw changes in some of the laws affecting the LGBT community, including the legalization of same-sex marriage in New York and the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

Still, so much has remained the same. As long as DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) continues to exist and other states refuse to acknowledge same-sex marriage, the LGBT community does not enjoy the same legal protections as heterosexual families. Ask us how to protect yourself, your spouse or partner and your children.

White Plains Personal Injury Lawyer

In addition to her work in family law, Christine Klein has more than 15 years of experience in personal injury law. Our law firm aggressively stands up for our clients' rights during negotiations and in the courtroom.

Our law firm takes a proactive approach to resolving personal injury cases, from back and neck injuries to knee and shoulder injuries, as well as construction injuries due to falls or unsafe working conditions. We work hard to make sure you are treated fairly and get proper compensation.

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